Sacred valley full day tour

Enjoy an unforgettable journey visiting the Sacred valley of the Inkas, in a full day private excursion.We have tailored a customized tour to maximize your visit to the Inkas empire in a single day.

backpack We recommend for this tour:

  • Your Passport or ID.
  • Bottles of water
  • Rain jacket or poncho
  • Sunglasses
  • Sunscreen protector.
  • Some money for lunch and souvenirs.
  • Sneakers or comfortable walking shoes.

pisac ruins tour
Pisac ruins,enjoy one of the most spectacular views of the Incas landscapes,also known as Inka Pisac.It lies atop of the hill at the entrance to the valley.You'll see beautiful agricultural terraces still in use nowadays.
pisac market tour
Pisac market is a must stop destination where you can find handcrafted and authentic souvenirs. Artisans and peasants arrive from different villages to offer all kind of unique fabrics,pottery, silver jewelry, and more.
moray agricultural terraces tour
Moray, where the view is breathtaking thanks to colossal concentric terraces resembling a large amphitheater (20 different types of micro-climates that made possible the measurement of agricultural production.
Maras salt mines tour
Maras, where we can see the famous and ancient salt mines of the colonial era. The contrast of the white pools of salt with the green valley is stunning and a must for an spectacular postcard of the Sacred Valley of the Inkas.
chincheros tour
Chinchero,a beautiful andean valley located in Cusco at 3762 mts above sea level. Enjoy its spectacular mountain views, visit the main square and see an ancient church with unique floral and religious interior designs.

Private service: This is your private service and do not share with other passengers. Daily departures.

 Sedan vehicle 1 to 4 passengers Van vehicle 5 to 7 passengers
 $80 US dollars or S/. 300 soles$110 dollars or 400 soles

*Important! Prices are per vehicle not per passenger.You don’t have to pay in advance, you pay after servicing. 

What is included:

  • Pick up and return to your hotel
  • Nice vehicle and a professional driver.

What isn't included:

  • Entrance fees *
  • Food and beverages
  • Gratuities.

*You must pay for the Boleto Turistico also known as BTG, the price is S/.130 soles, about $46 US dollars, it's valid for 10 days and to visit 16 different locations including Sacred valley, or you can buy per site ticket which is S/. 70 soles, about $25 US dollars and it's valid for 1 day or 2 days.

This is a list of the most frequent asked questions by our customers, if still you can not find your answer, please contact us and we will reply your message  ASAP.

Taking too long to retrieve or lost luggage?

In case it is taking too long to retrieve your luggage or it’s been lost by the airline company ,please let us know so the driver can keep waiting for you, send us a WhatsApp message.

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What´s the cancellation policy?

We do not charge anything upfront so there isn’t any charge for cancelling your reservation, if you pay in advance via PayPal or credit card then we’ll refund the total amount except the processing fees. In case you may need to cancel your reservation please let us know at least a day or two in advance by email or WhatsApp message mentioning your reservation code.

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Can we start this tour in Cusco and ends it in Ollantaytambo?

Sure it is possible to start the tour in Cusco and ends in Ollantaytambo hotel or train station.

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Can we start this tour in Ollantaytambo and ends it in Cusco?

Sure it is possible, we can pick you up from Ollantaytambo hotel or train station

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How long does this tour last?

This tour last approximately 8 hours or a bit longer. We do not hurry you because we understand that some sites may take a little more time to explore.

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Do the drivers speak English and are tour guides?

Our drivers speak Spanish and understand very little English, however, any miscommunication or misunderstanding is never an issue because they work on your prearranged itinerary. We have a very limited number of  English speaking drivers and depend on their availability. Drivers can walk the sites with passengers upon request but they aren’t tour guides.

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I haven’t received my booking confirmation

We usually reply within an hour or two your booking. If you don’t receive our response please check you spam folder. If you don’t receive your confirmation at all please submit your request again and if possible with another email address, sometimes our replies bounce back because the email address is wrong or user doesn’t exist.

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Where do I expect to meet the driver at Cusco airport?

Due to Covid 19 new measures now our drivers wait  for you at Cusco airport holding a sign with your name in the spot show below. After collecting your luggage please walk outside, your driver will be there. See image…

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Can I stop at Cusco hotel to drop some luggage off before heading to Ollantaytambo?

Sure you can stop by your hotel to leave your luggage and then go to Ollantaytambo. Please include this request in the online form text box.

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We are 4 passengers with luggage, is a sedan OK?

Yes,it is but if you have light luggage or backpacks. If you have medium to large luggage then a van vehicle is advisable.

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US dollars or Peruvian soles?

You can pay for this tour in either currency,US dollars or Peruvian soles, whichever is more convenient for you. You pay directly to your driver upon arriving to your destination.

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Do I need to pay this tour in advance?

You don’t need to pay in advance or make a deposit.You’ll pay for this tour upon arriving to your destination or in advance via Paypal. In case you change your mind before the tour date, please send us a courtesy email or message to let us know that you need to cancel this booking.

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Can I leave my luggage in the car while touring?

Sure you can. Our drivers will take care of your belongings while exploring the sites. Also the driver will keep the car locked.

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Is the fare per passenger or per ride?

Our prices are always per vehicle or ride, we do not charge based on number of passengers.

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